Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Denver, Colorado

Ramming ADR specializes in mediation, arbitration, and neutral evaluation for the construction and business industries.

Professional and Experienced ADR

Brad Ramming brings his 20+ years of experience as lead and co-counsel on numerous jury and court trials to his arbitration practice.

Through mediation, resolution, and his Three Principles of Neutrality, Ramming ADR helps their clients solve issues quickly outside of trial.


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How It Works


From the outset of the process all I can know about your case is what you tell me. In both the written materials I receive and through direct conversations with you both prior to the mediation, during the mediation and often times in post session discussions. The process involves you educating me as much as possible about the facts and circumstances of your case, the different perspectives of the parties and the goal for how best to resolve the dispute. Good advocates understand the importance of the pros and the cons of their cases. To the extent that I get an understanding of the pros and cons, it can only help. Through this exchange of information, you put me in the best place to help you.


You will have spent a great deal of time strategizing with your client(s) on the best way to present their case. Often times you will have spent a lot of time working your file, through the process of factual discovery and in consultation with experts. Many cases are about maximizing a recovery of economic interests, but not all. Some are about continuing or mending a relationship. Regardless, to the extent that you can let me know what your strategy is, the better I am able to find my place in helping you implement it.

Take Action

Once we get to the mediation session, I am a firm believer in listening to the parties and their advocates discuss the facts and circumstance and legal realities of their case. That process often continues throughout the session and even beyond in certain instances. However, the process has to be a mix of an information exchange and movement towards resolution. In cases where economics are the driving force, its important for the party making the claim to have exchanged an opening demand, with justification therefor, to the those whom it seeks a response. If that first move doesn’t happen until the session begins, the process lags. Obviously, the process shouldn’t be rushed, but it also shouldn’t be stalled by lack of action.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I have worked with Brad as both opposing counsel and co-counsel, and now more recently as a mediator and arbitrator. He is highly respected by all in the legal industry. His experience and temperament are perfect for his continued Alternative Dispute Resolution practice. I highly recommend Brad.”

“I have known Brad Ramming for more than a decade. My experience with Mr. Ramming started many years ago when he was a defense attorney in a construction defect case. Many more cases followed. I was impressed in all those cases with his legal acumen, skill as a trial lawyer, and ethics. As a lawyer – and now as a mediator and arbitrator – Mr. Ramming has earned the respect from attorneys representing plaintiffs and defendants. He has the admirable qualities and skillset that I look for in a neutral. He is a quick study, a creative strategist, and easily develops rapport with people of different backgrounds. Mr. Ramming has a strong understanding of what’s important about the law and a commitment to fairness and respect. He has the skills to resolve your case.”

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